British CP Expert Spanking Sarah Makes Bonnie Drop Her Knickers For A Taste Of The Paddle

Mature disciplinarian Spanking Sarah teaches new girl Bonnie what a paddling really feels like.

Cute young lady takes a paddling through her sexy pink knickers

Strict British Discipline

I have always liked the idea of going over the knee of an older woman like Spanking Sarah. Even though I prefer to be spanked by mature men, there is something quite sensual about the thought of having another female bend me over, lift up my skirt, pull down my knickers and punish me. I have a feeling women can be even stricter and more severe than men when it comes to punishing young ladies like me. And that’s certainly backed up by all the videos I watch on Spanking Sarah’s corporal punishment website. Every girl she deals with always ends up with bright red, very sore cheeks.

Bad girl paddled with knickers down

Mature Woman Spanks Younger Lady

Her latest film, featuring a new young model called Bonnie, is a really great example of Spanking Sarah’s work. The naughty girl, Bonnie, is very sexy and dressed in a really horny outfit – a pleated skirt and pink knickers – but the best stuff comes once the knickers are down and she receives lots of blows from a fearsome looking leather paddle. I really loved the sound as that spanking implement thrashed into her cheeks, not to mention her cries of discomfort and anguish. It’s a really serious punishment and it really turned me on. In fact, I climaxed watching it with just a few quick strokes of my clit.

To see more free pictures of Spanking Sarah paddling Bonnie’s cute bottom, just click through to Spanking Sarah’s British Spanking website. It’s cheap and easy to sign up for full membership and I’d recommend joining to all fans of CP and discipline. Cos I want to see Sarah making more films… and maybe to even star in one of them one day myself.

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Long, Hard Bare Bottom Spanking From Auntie Means Unforgettable Lesson For Shoplifter Jess

Strict Auntie Kate delivers a short, sharp shock when Jess is caught shoplifting.

Stark naked girl gets told off by Auntie

British Spanking Films

I always get off on the thought of being completely naked when getting spanked. Lingerie and uniforms are great, of course, but you never feel more vulnerable than when you’re naked in front of a fully clothed person. And that goes double if that person is a strict Aunt-type figure, like Auntie Kate, and you’re a naughty girl, like Jess, who has just been caught shoplifting. Cos that’s the set up for this sexy new spanking film from Spanking Sarah, in which a totally stark naked Jess gets a bare bottom spanking to remember! 

Auntie's hard spanks turn naughty girl's buttocks a bright shade of red

Mature Women Spanking Young Girls

This is a brilliant example of domestic-style spanking; and one that made me feel incredibly horny. Jess’s bottom starts out cute and pale, then gradually turns a shade of pink, then after that a glowing shade of red. You can see just by the colour change how hot and sore her bum must be, but she manages to take her punishment and comes out of it a much better person. She certainly won’t ever go shoplifting again. Not now she knows the consequences.

I feel sad, in a way, that I never had a strict Aunt to discipline me over the years. But I’m more than making up for it now with my meets with various Masters and the occasional strict lady. I just love bending over and dropping my knickers for a good, hard spanking or paddling or more… And I love watching other girls getting punished, too – especially sexy, deserving minxes like Jess!

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Trespassing Girls Are Forced To Drop Their Knickers For A Thrashing From A Very Strict Mistress

Just imagine bending over for a thrashing from this strict domme!

Sexy blonde in pink bra and knickers prepares for thrashing from Mistress

Strict British Discipline

I’ve said it before on this blog – I am not a lesbian and have never had sex with another girl – but I do find myself feeling a little bit bi-curious when I watch certain spanking and discipline movies. This latest one from Northern Spanking is THAT kind of movie. It features two pretty girls being thrashed with a riding crop from a very sexy, young domme called Miss Page. She catches them trespassing, so she forces them to strip, before taking the riding crop to their bare behinds. And soon their bums are all cute and pink… and then even pinker… and then bright red!

Double the discipline as two girls bare their bottoms at once

Naughty Girls Punished

I found it quite a big turn on watching these girls being punished, especially the blonde who was wearing the pink bra and knickers. Her bum looks gorgeous in her sexy pink panties and I can just imagine dropping to my knees and soothing her sore spots with a few girlie kisses. And then maybe Miss Page would catch me doing that… and then it would be my turn to drop my knickers for a good, hard, over-the-knee spanking from the beautiful domme.

See what I mean! I’m definitely not a lesbian, but when I see a really sexy spanking scene, I just get so caught up in the lingerie and the thrill of the punishment that I start to fancy the girls – and I just want to get involved with them. I guess the men who watch all feel the same. They must imagine they’re the ones dishing out the thrashing and enjoying the sight of having that pink knicker-clad bum being pushed out for them. And you won’t find a sexier or prettier knicker-clad bum than the one in Northern Spanking’s latest film. So click through to see more preview pictures… or even sign up to watch the whole film!

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Gorgeous French Maid Sticks Out Her Bottom For A Paddling Session With Spanking Sarah

When her new French Maid proves far too lazy. Spanking Sarah gets her paddle out and thwacks the young girl’s buttocks.

French Maid Bends Over For Strict Discipline

Spanking in Maid’s Uniform

It’s always been the little details that makes certain British spanking movies stand out to me. And what I love about this new film from Spanking Sarah is the French Maid’s beautiful uniform and her incredibly sexy lacy black knickers. I can just imagine prancing around in that oufit and doing lots of silly things to annoy my Mistress or Master. For example, I’d take any opportunity I could to flash my stockings tops and naughty knickers. That would be a great way to make sure I got punished like the maid does in this brilliant spanking film.

Knickers down spanking for lazy maid

UK Spanking Films

And I’d love it if the person spanking me was stripped down to her undies, just like Sarah is on this occasion. She looks like the ultimate sexy Mistress as she forces her maid to bare her cheeks and then administers some serious British discipline with the aid of her trusty leather paddle. You can hear every thwach as she spanks the maid’s cheeks, not to mention the poor girl’s howls of torment. She has clearly been a very bad girl judging by the severity of the punishment she receives.

But then again Spanking Sarah has never been a woman to pull her punches – or her spanks or her thwacks or her bruising slaps. And that’s what makes her website by far my favourite UK spanking and discipline website. The quality of the films is truly remarkable and a new one seems to appear every week. And that makes Spanking Sarah such brilliant value. So it’s well worth joining if you ask me.

Find spanking features, interviews and photoshoots in the latest edition of GET SPANKED

  Find spanking features, interviews and CP photoshoots in the latest edition of UK spanking magazine, GET SPANKED

Spanking Sarah’s Crop, Strap & Paddle Help Raise Sexy Sally’s Tolerance Levels

When a young female spanking enthusiast asks for help developing her tolerance, Spanking Sarah is only to happy to oblige.

Young blonde in cute black skirt goes OTK for a hard hand spanking

Strict British Discipline

It’s a brave girl who asks strict disciplinarian Spanking Sarah for help in raising her tolerance. As members of her British spanking website will know, this ‘no nonsense’ spanker can dish out one hell of a punishment. But then again that’s what young blonde Sally wants. Having experienced and enjoyed hand spankings, she is keen to take things further – and that means dropping her knickers for a taste of Sarah’s riding crop, strap and paddle.

Sally's cunt is in full-view as she gets thrashed with a riding crop

Spanking Implements

As a relatively inexperienced spankee myself, I really loved watching this sexy young blonde getting a lesson in how to receive various spanking implements from a true Mistress of the genre. But what made me love it even more was the fact that Sally was forced to strip completely nude, then to take out some extremely submissive and, frankly, rather sexual spanking positions. I particularly loved seeing her lying back with her legs completely spread-eagled, while Spanking Sarah used the crop on her cheeks. I would love to have a Master doing that to me. He could see my cunt lips getting wet as he thrashed me, then climb on top and fuck me hard.

More and more I find myself feeling attracted to spanking movies with some element of sex to them. And that’s why I always enjoy seeing what’s new at Spanking Sarah‘s corporal punishment website, as it’s never been a site to namby-pamby around the issue of sexual spanking. It often shows women being spanked stark naked, or spreading their legs, or behaving like sluts. But of course they always get punished for their slutiness in the most serious, severe and imaginative ways. Because the spanking, canings and croppings on the site are hard, harsh and uttely irresistible, so why not click through and sign up for my favourite UK spanking website today?

Find spanking features, interviews and photoshoots in the latest edition of GET SPANKED

  Find spanking features, interviews and sexy spanking photoshoots in the latest edition of GET SPANKED Magazine

Young Naked Blonde Gets A Bath-time Spanking That Leaves Her Buttocks Red And Sore

 Naughty girl Jessica gets a good, hard spanking after being caught drinking and smoking in the bath.

Naked blonde is caught smoking in the bath by strict male spanker

Young Girl Spanked

I don’t know why I’m always drawn to the sexier spanking films on the web, but ‘Badly Behaved Girl’ strarring Jesscia Jensen is one that really turned me on. I love that she’s completely naked in the bath when she is being disciplined; and I love that she has such a fit, sexy figure. And I also love the fact that her older male guardian punishes her for smoking and drinking in the bath, because I love that kind of ‘wild child’ behaviour – and I love seeing it being punished with force.

Strict older man spanks naked blonde in the bath

Bare Bottom Spanking

That’s why the sexiest parts of this British spanking movie are the ones where the spanking action take place. And I really like how Jessica’s guardian proves to be a strict, ‘no nonsense’ disciplinarian. He forces the girl to stand in some very humiliating and submissive positions, then he gives her buttocks a really good warming up with his powerful bare hands. You can really see, hear and feel the force of the slaps, especially once Jessica’s cute bum goes pink and then goes a deeper shade of red.

And you should definitely see her buttocks by the end of it all – all red and sore and stinging like mad. She sure does get taught a serious lesson; and I very much doubt she will ever dare to smoke or drink in the bath again. It really is a fantastic spanking movie – one that captures the true feel of domestic discipline but with the added bonus of a stunningly sexy blonde running round completely starkers, too. So click through now for more free spanking pictures from Jessica’s punishment.

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Naughty French Maid Jana Feels The Full Force Of Spanking Sarah’s Wooden Paddle

This naughty maid’s knickers get pulled right down for a serious bare bottom punishment.

French maid gets paddled over lacy white knickers

French Maid Spanking

Playing the part of the naughty French maid has always been one of my favourite role-plays. I love putting on the smart black uniform, complete with sexy black stockings and suspenders, then going over my Master’s knee for failing to complete some mundane task. And for that very reason, I always enjoy watching British spanking movies where mischevious maids get a harsh comeuppance, like Jana does for being very, very naughty – we’re talking urinating in her Mistress’s coffee.

Maid drops her knickers for a taste of the birch

Spanking In Uniform

Yes, you did read that right - this naughty maid chooses to piss in Spanking Sarah’s coffee. She does so because she’s fed up of receiving so many beatings from her dominant Mistress, but she gets found out and you can guess what that means. Within seconds, she is lifting her uniform and pushing out her bottom for further punishment. And this time she gets to feel the full force of Sarah’s numerous spanking implements, including a wooden paddle, the birch and the dreaded cane.

This is a classic spanking and CP movie from the brilliant Spanking Sarah – one with a fabulously sexy housemaid dressed in beautiful lingerie sticking out her buttocks for some serious spanks and thwacks. What a pleasure it is to see the maid’s well-rounded bottom turning all red and sore as the implements strike! It is nothing less than this bad girl deserves, as you’ll see if you click through now to watch the full movie.

Find spanking features, interviews and photoshoots in the latest edition of GET SPANKED

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Pert-bottomed Pandora Goes Over Spanking Sarah’s Knee For A Harsh Dose Of Strict British Discipline

Dressed in exquisite lingerie and hosiery, naughty girl Pandora gets her bottom spanked.

Spanking Sarah smacks the back of Pandora's candy-stripe knickers

Spanked in Lingerie

Watching this OTK spanking movie featuring Spanking Sarah and Pandora Blake has made me quesion my sexuality again. I have always been attracted to men and enjoy having sex with older guys, but I must admit there is something really special about a young girl dressed in erotic lingerie. I particularly like the sight of Pandora’s pert bottom in a pair of baby pink candystriped knickers. It’s a real treat seeing her skirt getting hitched up, uncovering first her stocking tops, then her black suspenders and then her lovely pink knickers.

The force of Spanking Sarah's heavy leather paddle makes lingerie-clad Pandora scream

OTK Punishment

I have always believed that a truly submissive girl should dress to please her Master or Mistress. Sometimes that might mean wearing a certain uniform, or on other occasions, as in this particular corporal punishment movie, it can just mean a matching bra and knickers, teamed with sexy black stockings and suspenders. It must make spanking a bottom so much nicer if the girl across your knee is dressed to thrill. And like I said, the sight of Pandora’s bum in pink knickers is even enough to make me have lesbian thoughts. I would love to stroke and fondle her bottom – and even better if I got caught in the act.

Yes, just imagine if Spanking Sarah had caught me kissing Pandora’s knicker-clad bum. Then instead of just Pandora going over Sarah’s knee, it could have been both of us lining up to be punished for our wanton display of lesbian lust. Not that I’m sure I’m ready for the heavy blows of the leather paddle that Sarah delivers to Pandora’s cheeks. Because my tolerance is nowhere near as highly developed as Pandora’s. She really can take a proper thrashing, as you’ll discover if you click through to watch this brilliant all-female spanking film. Oh, and don’t forget to check out those beautiful pink knickers! I really must get myself a pair of them!


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Slutty Blonde Gets A Damn Good Thrashing After Being Caught Masturbating By Older Man

Dirty girl gets taught a strict lesson by dominant older man.

Naughty girl gets spanked for wanking at work

British Spanking Movies

I don’t know what it says about me and my fantasies, but I always seem to prefer spanking films that have some kind of sexual element. I guess I must be a dirty slut at heart, like the girl (Wynter Sky) in this movie from CP website Spanking Sarah. She gets all dolled up in a red dress, stocking and suspenders, then she gets caught playing with herself when she should be at work. And so the dominant older man who catches her is left with little choice – he simply has to teach the dirty slut a painful lesson in right and wrong.

A carpet beater becomes a spanking implement for slutty blonde in need of correction

Bare Bottom Spanking

The spanking in this particular British spanking movie has a lovely fetish twist about it. Not only does the girl’s peachy bottom get spanked with a vicious-looking carpet beater, but the highly submissive position in which Wynter is spanked means it’s not just her buttocks that get warmed by Sir. No, she’s made to lean back and raise her legs in the air, which means her cute pink pussy is fully in view. And if it’s in view, it becomes a target – and so her pussy takes several firm strikes from the beater.

I am really interested in spanking scenes that go further than just spanked bottoms and thighs. Because I just love the thought of a dominant older man punishing my erogenous zones - as well as my naked arse, of course! It seems a fitting punishment for someone who is always having slutty thoughts like me - a few hard strikes on my cunt lips and breasts. And it certainly works on Wynter Sky in this incredibly sexy spanking film, so why not click through now and join Spanking Sarah’s website? Believe me, you’ll love all the movies on there!

Talk about spanking and corporal punishment with naughty British women

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Fare Dodger Kami Gets A ‘Knickers Down’ Over-The-Knee Spanking From Furious Taxi Driver

Trying to run off without paying for her taxi ride leaves Kami in a tricky and very painful situtation.

Girl's bare bottom takes a hard hand spanking in the back of a taxi

British OTK Spanking

I like it when I get seriously turned on by British spanking movies; and this one featuring Kami Robertson is probably the sexiest film I’ve ever seen. It ticks lots of erotic boxes. First up, the scenario is hot – young girl gets punished for trying to run off without paying for a cab ride. Second up, the action takes place outside in the back of a taxi with the thrilling risk of being caught. Third up, Kami is wearing beautiful black lingerie, (although her black knickers don’t stay on for too long). And fourth up, well, this film includes something I’ve never seen before – intimate spanking of the cunt and breasts.

Naughty girl feels a spanking paddle thwack against her cunt lips

Intimate Spanking

Obviously I’m much more of a naive young girl than I thought, because I only thought spanking was for the bottom and the back of the legs. I never dreamed I’d watch a film in which a sexy young lady spread her legs wide and got paddled on her pussy, nor would I see a strict dom squeezing a girl’s pert cleavage and using a paddle to punish her tits. What’s more, I can’t believe how turned on it made me, or what it did to my erogenous zones. When Kami’s cunt was paddled, my cunt dripped with juice. When the dom thwacked her cleavage, my nipples grew erect.

I am still kind of gobsmacked by this intimate, sexual spanking movie. I was already really into the film just when the strict older man was just spanking Kami’s bottom, but seeing her pussy and breasts getting dealt with has really set me to thinking. That’s definitely something I would love to experience; and to watch more of at Spanking Sarah. In fact, I’m now going to plough through all the other movies on this first-rate British spanking website to see if I can find more naughty girls with their legs wide-open and their pussies getting spanked!

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